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Cx4b is here to meet your specific needs in a variety of mechanical projects. Whether you have a new project, or a review of an existing design, our goal is to optimize your mechanical design for functionality and limitations. We can incorporate the design into your existing workflow or create a new one, either way, we are here to provide you with an interchange of relevant information and ideas to generate the results you require.

Building Filtration-1.JPG
Mechanical Design
Building Filtration Systems
Mechanical Design
Outside Air Systems
Chiller Install-5.JPG
Mechanical Design
HVAC Control Strategies
Mechanical Design
Equipment Selection & Sizing
Building Smoke Evacuation System-2.JPG
Mechanical Design
Smoke Control
Cooling Tower Install-2.JPG
Mechanical Design
Cooling Load Calculations
Cooling Tower Install-4.JPG
Mechanical Design
Water Cooled Systems
Energy Calculation-1.jpg
Mechanical Design
Energy Calculations
Cooling Tower Install-1.JPG
Mechanical Design
Cooling Tower & Condenser Water Systems
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